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Company's Profile
We are a young construction company of the 21. Century and we are like the period in which we have started up. Dynamics as well as energy are the attributes of our operation and our constructions. Modern technologies, new materials, unconventional design, shining colors. Functionality and above standard, aesthetics and quality. Variousness and fantasy versus monotonousness and stereotype. Elements of the most modern European architecture transferred into the every day reality of Slovak localities.

Space for Business
The Metrostav Slovakia - incorporated company (Inc.) performs on the national market as the subsidiary corporation of the Czech Metrostav within the framework of the DDM Group. By means of the activities significantly renews the wide entrepreneurial scene of the entire group and considerably helps to support its reputation as the corporation of European format.

The business and implementation space is defined by the complex implementation of construction order in the segment of building construction. It specializes in civic, residential and industrial construction and reconstruction of entities, ensures the complete implementation of construction order together with the project preparation and engineering operations.

Since its existence the company has implemented more than thirty constructions and is still significantly contributing for the construction development of all the regions in Slovakia. Not once has the company proved the ability to meet private, public as well as state investor demanding requirements. Thanks to the cooperation possibility in frame of the DDM Group and the support of its members as well as good business relations with other construction companies the company also undertakes the extensive and technologically demanding projects corresponding to demands of modern construction trends.

Managing methods
The company has been built up on modern organizational principles and construction coordination. The program applies the construction order management system by means of project teams operating independently. Besides the cooperation with the external partner it also exploits its own production department capacity. The management project form of order provides the possibility to organize and plan the operation effectively as soon as possible and to optimalize expenditures of the order. The continuous improvement of the production management system is one of its strategic priorities.

High standard of services provided is maintained by exploitation of the most modern production technologies and by the guarantee of provided services of a high quality. The business activity is based on environmental protection principles, safety and health protection at work as well as business ethics principles. In the year of 2006 Metrostav Slovakia Inc. became the integral part of a group with not numerous numbers of members of construction companies owning all the three certificates of the managing systems – QMS, EMS and SMS.

Certifikát informačního systému Certifikát informačního systému Certifikát informačního systému

The integrated system of management according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 a OHSAS 18001 has been established and implemented into the complex corporation management system. It represents the functional management tool and risk prevention concerning all the operations performed. To keep the terms and conditions set up by the system standards is the unavoidable condition to succeed and be competitive under the conditions of the current business market and is the guarantee of the trend succession continuity of society and its competence to the modern construction companies of European format.

Job Evaluation
Metrostav Slovakia a. s. affirmed themselves as experienced implementators of building works which was also confirmed by the international expert jury of the Stavba Roka (Construction of the Year) national contest by the decision to award the Bytový Dom Roka 2006 (Apartment Building of the Year 2006) prize for the Boria Polyfunctional Housing Estate project and, for the second time, the prize in the same category for the implementation of the Dominant Polyfunctional Apartment Building in 2008.

In 2011, projects successful in the Construction of the Year contest also included RIVER PARK Multifunctional Complex in Bratislava. An internet vote by the general public evaluated it as the most beautiful construction in Slovakia and it was awarded the Cena Verejnosti 2011 (General Public Prize 2011). The expert jury awarded the Prize of the Technický a Skúšobný Ústav Stavebný, n. o. (Building Testing and Research Institute) to RIVER PARK for optimal use of progressive building materials, products and systems in the construction.

The company also highly appreciates the positive evaluation of its business results by the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic. In the “Progressive, Affordably Priced Housing 2008“ contest in the “apartment buildings with low-cost layout of flats” category it won 3rd place for the rental apartment building in the Diely III housing estate in Nitra.

Projects developed by Metrostav Slovakia are proof of their ability to transform inventive architectural design into reality, using the most up-to-date technological procedures and proof of the quality of their work as well as professionalism during construction..

The company philosophy is based on the basic ethic principles respected towards the external as well as internal environment, based on constructive dialogue and correct business relations.

Our success is the consequence of every day operation of all company employees and the correct investment into labour capital is the guarantee of stable entrepreneurial success and prosperity in the future.

Company’s Executive leadership:

Ing. Miroslav Zobaník, MBA General Director
Ing. Robert Pátek, Ph.D. Financial Director
Ing. Richard Müller Production and Technology Director
Ing. Ivan Podolský Commercial Director


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